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Mar 25, 2013 11:00pm PDT
see kennedy -- you know, he's going retire at some point. this is the civil rights movement of our time. if he were to rule and be the key case in making this such a grand decision that will be a huge legacy for him. and also scalia has already conceded this. he conceded it. he sai "if you agree to the premises of lawrence v. texas you've conceded the case to gay marriage." he said that in his dissent so i think they've given the game away, in many ways. my question is am i too conservative now? am i trapped by my own past? would the 19-year-old today not think i was a fuddy-duddy even though when i was 19 i was regarded a a crazy liberal? so i think it's all history and timing. and i don't want to court to ruin this. i want the court to do it right. i'm not quite sure what that will be but i don't think it's a sweeping national decision. >> rose: akhil. >> one side says equality now, i want to get married now and i don't want to have to travel for a weekend and andrew's position, which i think is thoughtful and itch some thifrp think with it is equality enduringly. and it might be
Mar 23, 2013 12:00am PDT
world, which has always been first to try and encourage the growth of democracy and human rights and civil society, outside its own borders now for 200 years, just took on an impossible task in iraq. it just wasn't going to acceptst that. and i would say much more likely than that the american-- tank american influence will be incremental improvements in what is now a pretty dire situation, is that it's very likely to get worse, and lead to civil war, and it's not even clear that the most fundamental issue:00 is who governs in iraq, the majority shi'a, or the minority sunni, it's not even clear that that's, a settled issue, and if isn't a settled issue, and the sunnise prevail in syria and back their brothers across the borders of iraq and anbar, you may very well see a civil war, at least as brutal as we were witnessing in 2007 at the time time of the surge. >> rose: we will come back to manies thof point. >> or beloved late friend richard holbrooke once asked me. what did i think? what was my sounded bite about this war. i said we will did due course learn whether it was an open su
Mar 21, 2013 12:00am PDT
fighting some kind of civil war where the aloites, even though they've lost effective national control are tile continue some sort of law. mr. landis used the example before, and i think it is right on, what we saw in iraq where you had for years various sunni group continue to take the battle against the shi'a forces. >> rose: joshua, would you contradict what richard said? >> the big danger for obama is you're not going to end the civil war by destroying the syrian state. there are over 1,000 militias in the opposition. some of them are al qaeda connected. the islamic front, which leans in that direction, is perhaps the most powerful collection of militias. and then there are other militias that we're trying to cultivate and give our aid to which are more liberal islamist militias. so-- and the danger is all these militias are sharing arms. they're working together. so if you give arms to your militia, you can't guarantee that they're not going to be shared with the more-- other islamic front militias. and that's problem. we haven't been able to just give arms to our militias, for ex
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)